Questions to Ask a Commercial Landscaping Company

A commercial landscaping company does much more than just cut the grass at your facility; they can design an attractive landscaping feature that makes the property seem welcoming and attractive and also are usually in charge of clearing snow and other tasks that make the space safe. Before you hire a commercial landscaping company, you want to ensure they can do the job properly and that you know everything involved in working with them. Note a few questions to ask before you hire such a company.

1. Ask what is meant by "full service"

The term "full service" can mean different things to different landscapers, and you may assume it means more services than are actually included. For example, full service may mean that a landscaping company will trim shrubbery, but they may not uproot and replace dead shrubbery and vegetation. They may plant flowers in the spring but may not put down fresh mulch throughout the year as needed. Note, too, that some landscaping companies may offer maintenance but not design and build services, so don't assume that terminology used in your contract means anything, but always ask for an explanation.

2. What sustainable practices do they offer?

Sustainable practices are those that use the least amount of resources and that are friendly to the native environment. A landscaping company may offer certain plants that hold moisture in the soil so that you don't need to water the landscaping frequently, or they may recommend ways to treat the soil with natural mulches so that it stays healthy and vibrant and will then require less fertilizer and other such compounds. If you're concerned about the environment, note the sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly options a landscaping company offers.

3. Do they subcontract the work?

If a landscaping company subcontracts their work, you want to know to which company and want to ensure that they properly screen any individual subcontractors they hire. While the landscape company may guarantee the work to be done, and you may have clauses in your contract for them to adjust their bill if things aren't done properly, it's better to know that the job will be done right and done by trustworthy professionals than it is to deal with that headache. Ask them about subcontractors and what checks they do, and then do your own checking on those subcontractors as well, so you know who will be on your property and if you can trust that the job will be done right.