Landscaping Supplies | 4 Step-by-Step Instructions To Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

The best part of owning a backyard is the flexibility you have to grow your own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. Herbs like basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, parsley and chives are fantastic ingredients for adding intense flavour to different types of foods. If you've decided to grow your own fresh herbs from bedding plants, equip yourself with proper landscaping supplies and herbs, and follow these instructions.

Choose Your Location and Prepare the Area

Choose a specific location in your backyard that gets a few hours of sun every day. You'll want to prepare the soil for planting by loosening it with a spading fork, garden hoe or rake. If the soil is compact, you can reduce its density by adding coarse sand or compost. Work these ingredients into the soil before planting the herb plants. Mix it well using your landscaping supplies.

Place the Herb Bedding Plants into the Soil by Digging up Holes

Since you have decided to place herb bedding plants and not seeds into the soil, you will need to prepare larger holes for placing the herbs into them. Every hole needs to be dug to double the root ball size of your new herb plant. This will allow you to embed the root deeply into the soil for compacting. Once the roots have integrated into the soil, they will start growing. Space each plant a few inches apart so that every herb has enough room to grow. Taller herbs like rosemary and sage should be placed towards the back, while smaller herbs like cilantro and parsley can be placed in the front. Use landscaping supplies like a spade fork to compact the soil once the plants settle in the soil.

Water Regularly

Just like any other plant, herbs require water to quench their thirst. Be generous with your watering because you'll want your herbs to grow rich in flavour and colour. You can use landscaping supplies like gardening hoses or watering cans to water your herb garden regularly.

Use Herbs Prudently

Start using your herbs from the time they mature, but take care not to use up too much at a time. If you remove too many herb leaves, it will take longer for the plant to recover. With judicious use, each herb plant can be harvested for a long time. Fresh herbs usually give out the best taste when they are harvested in the mornings after the dew dries. This is because their leaves tend to wilt with mid-day sun.

When using your landscaping supplies to grow your own herb bedding plants, follow these step-by-step instructions for the best results. For more information on the different supplies available, contact landscaping companies, like Aussie Rockmen