Building Supplies You Can Use For Landscaping Projects

Most of the materials used to build houses or those salvaged from demolished ones are very useful when it comes to landscaping projects; hence, you don't have to look for specific landscaping supplies to add to the functional appeal and natural beauty of your home's landscape.

Here are a couple of building supplies, new, stored or recycled, that you can use in your landscaping project.


The things that you can do using timber material for your landscaping project are almost countless. Timber can be used to build patio decking, outdoor furniture, garden fencing, retaining walls, etc. The rustic appearance of timber makes it a more natural option for landscaping projects, as it can blend impeccably with existing vegetation such as trees. Because timber is very susceptible to insect and fungal attacks, you should choose treated natural timbers for your landscaping projects, given that the additions you make will be directly exposed to the harsh conditions outside your home. Natural timbers that are treated with oil-based preservatives can help reduce the damaging effects of exposure to air, moisture, and direct sunlight as well as mold growth and fungal attacks.


If your house is built with bricks, and some remained upon the completion of its construction, what's left can be used for your landscape project. Bricks can be used to create border lines for driveways and sidewalks. Once they are levelled on a mixture of gravel and sand in the dug-out grounds, they will provide your landscape with good organization that it so much deserves. You can come up with your own unique pattern when arranging the bricks used for your driveways and sidewalks to add a bit of flare to your landscape. You can even paint the bricks with colors that complement the beauty of your flower garden.

Recycled concrete

Do you have concrete salvaged from past demolition projects locked up somewhere in your home? If so, this material can be of great use in installing an affordable crushed concrete driveway. All you will have to do is contract a crushing company to crush the concrete and mix it with tints to give it a blacktop color. Once the recycled concrete is delivered to you, use a large drum roller to smooth out and compact the driveway, while ensuring that the driveway is wet for best results. If you already have a driveway in your home, you can also pour and level the crushed concrete on your home's sidewalks or walkways.