5 Ways to Use Rocks and Stones to Enhance the Feeling of Nature in Your Landscaping

In a nutshell, landscaping is the process of organising your yard so that it looks beautiful. However, that doesn't mean you have to go for an overly manicured look. Instead, you can use landscaping to create a space that evokes the idea of rugged, natural beauty.

Here are some ideas on how to use rocks to create a natural look throughout your landscaping.

1. River Bed Drainage

Drainage can be a critical part of landscaping, and as well as being functional, it can also be beautiful. To create a natural look, consider lining stormwater drainage paths with rocks.

After a heavy storm, the water will flow through your property, guided by the landscaping rocks. That will create the look of a river.

2. River Rocks Walking Paths

If you don't have to deal with that much drainage, you may just want to create walking paths out of river stones. Bury the stones into the ground so that just their top surface (which should be as flat as possible) is poking out of the ground, and arrange them in any shape you like.

If you like, you can also use large rocks in the same way to create a patio space. This creates a more natural looking path and outdoor areas than manufactured paving stones can.

3. Local Stones

Regardless of how you decide to arrange your landscaping rocks, consider using rocks that are native to your area. Remember, however, that in most cases, it is not encouraged to take rocks from natural areas or riverbeds. In fact, in some areas, taking rocks is considered stealing, and taking bush rocks in particular can lead to fines up to $11,000.

Always buy your stonework from a landscaping specialist. Just ask to see the local rocks they have available.

4. Bird Baths

Stonework birdbaths may not be found in nature, but they look beautiful. They also add a hint of nature to your yard because they attract birds. The site of birds splashing and sipping can lift the spirits and satisfy the craving for nature. If a bird bath isn't your style, consider lining a small pond with rocks or stonework.

5. Large Stones

Want a unique look in your landscaping? Then consider using large rocks. A stone the same height as a person creates a conversation piece in your yard, and it can make you feel like you're hiking down a mountain trail and coming into contact with crazy rock structures.