What to Consider When Choosing the Best Grass for Your Lawn

Growing natural grass on your lawn comes with numerous benefits that you would not derive from artificial turf. Since it is a living organism, natural grass can develop into a thick and green lawn that will add kerb appeal to your outdoor space. Unlike artificial turf, it repairs and heals itself; therefore, you don't have to worry about wear and tear. Grass has environmental benefits as well. It absorbs carbon and keeps the air fresh and clean. As you go looking for the best grass for your lawn, understand that there are various species on the market. You need to consider the following issues so that you can get the best one that meets your needs.

Properties of the soil

The soil on which you grow your grass will determine how well it will thrive. Different grass species thrive in soils of varying pH; therefore, you need to carry out a soil test before growing the lawn. This is particularly important if you decide to grow grass seeds. Ask a professional to take samples of your soil for testing so that you can identify its pH and other chemical properties. This will help you narrow down to a grass species that is suited for the particular soil and ensure that you get the most out of the investment.

Foot traffic

Heavy foot traffic can damage certain species, and they will take a long time to heal. Consider the wear and tear that the grass will experience. If you have kids and pets that will be playing around, go for quality grass that's resilient to foot traffic. For example, buffalo grass is an excellent selection for a lawn that will be experiencing heavy foot traffic. Since it is self-mending, the grass will be able to fill up bare spots that occur when people and pets step on it. 

Watering requirements

Before choosing grass for the lawn, consider its watering requirements and the climatic conditions of the area. If you live in the drier regions of Australia, you need to water the grass regularly to maintain its lush green look. Alternatively, you can select drought-resistant grass that can go for weeks without watering and still look beautiful. That said, even in the wet regions, you need to water the lawn regularly during the hot summer months. Plan for this and invest in a garden hose for the task.

Natural grass may be high-maintenance as compared to artificial turf, but it is worth it. The beautiful appearance and natural grass smell that come with can create visual appeal in your home's outdoor space. Contact local landscaping companies to learn more and see if they have turf, like Buffalo turf, for sale.