Factors to Consider Before Buying a Generator for Your Landscaping Equipment

If you are a homeowner and consider yourself a DIY landscaping buff, then it is essential to stock the right equipment for your landscaping projects at all times. It is especially the case if most of your tools run on electricity. However, due to power outages, it is not wise to rely exclusively on electricity as the sole energy source for your landscaping equipment. It is vital to invest in a generator to act as a backup power source in the event of an unplanned electrical power outage. However, you need to consider a few factors to buy a generator that suits your needs. Read on.


If your landscape is expansive, then it is apparent that you will cover quite a distance working on your lawn or fence. Therefore, it is essential to consider the portability of a generator before making a purchase. For instance, if you will be connecting several landscaping tools to the generator, then the wattage has to be on the higher side, and this means that the generator will probably be heavy. Therefore, ensure that such a generator is fitted with features that enhance portability, for instance, ergonomically designed pull and push handles.

Power Capacity

How much power can your tools draw from the generator individually and as a group? This is another question you need to ask yourself before buying a generator for your landscaping needs. Landscaping tools have varying power demands, and your choice of a generator will determine how you get to use the devices. For instance, if you choose a generator with low power capacity, then you will be restricted to a single tool at a time. It is not a problem if you have the time to handle your landscaping project in a piecemeal fashion. However, if you want to get the project completed fast, then a generator with high power capacity is appropriate. It enables you to connect several tools at once and work them simultaneously.

Noise Levels

Depending on the population density of your neighbourhood, you need to factor the amount of noise that the generator of your choice produces during a landscaping project. If you live in an area where your neighbour is more than 100 meters away, then you will get away with a conventional noisy generator. However, the same cannot be said if you share a fence with your neighbour. In such a case, it is appropriate to get a silent generator that will not cause disturbance and nuisance to your immediate neighbour as you go about your landscaping duties.