Why Is Buffalo Turf a Popular Choice?

You might have seen or heard many people recommend or choose buffalo turfs and wondered why. To help you understand the reason, you need to know the buffalo turf types available.

You can come across Sir Walter buffalo, Palmetto buffalo, Sapphire buffalo and Matilda buffalo grasses.

Buffalo turf was among the first types of turf to emerge. It was coarse and prickly. People wanted a soft kind of buffalo grass, which is why there are different types of buffalo grass. Additionally, the turf needed to have additional durability features like drought, wear, climate and shade resistance to be more favourable.

With these varieties, you have the choice of soft or coarse, drought or winter resistant, slow or fast-growing and horizontal or vertical growing grass.

Sir Walter Buffalo

It can be said that Sir Walter buffalo turf is the most resistant type of buffalo grass. It is drought-, pest-, disease- and weed-resistant. Sir Walter buffalo turf can thrive in any climate and has a new and healthy appearance all year round. Shade and sunlight do not affect it. You don't have to water or apply fertiliser frequently because it is low maintenance, meaning you get to save money and time. If you have allergies, it will interest you to know that Sir Walter buffalo turf is low-allergenic. It is also soft enough for your pets and children to play.

Palmetto Buffalo

People choose Palmetto buffalo turf for its winter colour. It usually maintains its green colour during cold temperatures. The other benefits you get from this turf is less maintenance. It does not grow tall, which results in less mowing for you to do, and it does not need to be watered frequently.

Due to its fast lateral growth, it can withstand high traffic. It recovers quickly. You also do not experience scalping. Another benefit you enjoy is less weeding. Palmetto buffalo outcompetes weeds.

Sapphire Buffalo

People choose Sapphire buffalo turf for its softness and appearance. This is the softest and most beautiful of all buffalo grass. However, maintenance is pretty high because you have to apply fertiliser and water frequently. If you fail to, the grass will lose its green colour and die. You also have to mow frequently because it grows upwards fast. It is drought-resistant, and due to its fast growth, it can recover from wear and tear. Sapphire buffalo turf is also salt-tolerant.

Matilda Buffalo

The unique feature of Matilda buffalo turf is the fact that it is salt-tolerant, making it suitable for poolside or coastal areas. Matilda buffalo turf is also drought-resistant and can thrive in shades and sunlight. It is soft and great for children and pet playgrounds.