How to Successfully Landscape Undulating Land

When you have to deal with undulating land around your home, you need to mitigate the associated risks before you take advantage of your landscaping options. If you take the right approach and bring in the correct equipment, you'll be surprised at what you can achieve as you transform an area from simple grassland to something unique. Yet where do you start as you draw up your plans?

Dealing with Undulating Land

Wherever there is a significant incline, erosion and run-off are two of the biggest concerns you will face. You may have a home in the centre of your property and will want to ensure that it is protected as much as possible from the negative effects of stormwater.

Drainage Options

Before you begin to landscape, you will need to create drainage channels and remove any features that may channel heavy rain towards the structure itself. To do this, you may need to talk with some experts who can advise you on how and where to channel that water. For example, you may need to create a sizeable French drain in one corner of your property and make sure that the slope of the land is carefully designed so it can cope with run-off during even the most severe storm.

Understanding the Challenge

While you figure out how to deal with drainage, you can also start to design your landscaping options. You'll probably want to create terraces to break up any significant slope, and this will call for the addition of retaining walls. You will also need to address soil movement when you start to modify the land and remove any protective grass. Those retaining walls will have to be structurally sound with a significant foundation if they are going to deal with the immense pressure caused by the soil behind them.

Revealing Options

Nevertheless, once you have introduced your retaining walls and created your stepped terraces, you can then go to town with your landscaping options and include other features that may have been impossible before. You may also introduce a pergola or covered area so that you and members of your family can enjoy the outside air.

The Right Equipment and Skilled Operators

Clearly, there is a significant amount of preparation work involved, and you will certainly need to excavate your existing land. To do this, you need to bring in the correct type of equipment and a skilled operator so they can perform the necessary work without causing issues elsewhere. Remember, there may be underground utilities to consider, and you must ensure that any retaining walls have sizeable foundations that will last without issue.

Bringing in the Experts

Talk with your landscaping expert as you draw up your plans. They will ensure that they bring in the right type of moving equipment and operators to make the job successful. For more information about earthmoving projects, contact a local service.