5 Features Your Outdated Irrigation System Lacks

Does your home still have the irrigation system that was installed when that home was built decades ago? Read on and discover some of the newer features that you may be missing if you have never replaced your irrigation system. Valve-In-Head Sprinklers The latest irrigation systems now come equipped with valves within each sprinkler head. Those valves make it possible for every sprinkler head to be controlled independently from the others in the system. Read More 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Grass for Your Lawn

Growing natural grass on your lawn comes with numerous benefits that you would not derive from artificial turf. Since it is a living organism, natural grass can develop into a thick and green lawn that will add kerb appeal to your outdoor space. Unlike artificial turf, it repairs and heals itself; therefore, you don't have to worry about wear and tear. Grass has environmental benefits as well. It absorbs carbon and keeps the air fresh and clean. Read More 

5 Ways to Use Rocks and Stones to Enhance the Feeling of Nature in Your Landscaping

In a nutshell, landscaping is the process of organising your yard so that it looks beautiful. However, that doesn't mean you have to go for an overly manicured look. Instead, you can use landscaping to create a space that evokes the idea of rugged, natural beauty. Here are some ideas on how to use rocks to create a natural look throughout your landscaping. 1. River Bed Drainage Drainage can be a critical part of landscaping, and as well as being functional, it can also be beautiful. Read More 

5 Ways to Keep Your Fire Wood Dry Without a Fancy Wood Shed

Dry firewood burns more effectively than damp or wet wood. However, if you don't have a dedicated wood shed, it can be challenging to keep your wood dry through the winter. To help, check out these tips. 1. Find a Waterproof Cover You don't necessarily need a fancy shed, a carport or similar structure to protect your firewood. Rather, you just need to cover it with something relatively waterproof. Try a piece of plastic sheeting or a tarp. Read More 

Answering Some Questions You Might Have About Monument Restoration

You may have a monument put on your property as an attractive landscaping feature, and cemetery markers are also typically considered monuments; while these pieces are meant to last for decades, if not generations, they may eventually need some restoration work. Note a few questions you might have about this work and then discuss the option with a professional restorer as needed, so your monument or cemetery marker is always in good repair. Read More