Building Supplies: Tips for Purchasing Timber for Landscaping Projects

If you are building a wooden outdoor structure as part of your landscaping project, plan on purchasing the right timber supplies. The quality of materials will affect the strength and resilience of the built feature. Moreover, the appearance of the wood will depend on the specific lumber. Therefore, consider and compare the options on the market and purchase the best match for your project. Here are essential guidelines for timber material selection. Read More 

Natural vs. Artificial Turf: Reasons Artificial Turf is a Better Option for Wheelchair Users

A wheelchair-friendly lawn allows wheelchair users to enjoy outdoor activities with their loved ones. Thus, it's important to choose the best turf that will allow your loved one to spend time outdoors without requiring help to navigate through the lawn. When it comes to natural and artificial grass, the latter trumps the former in wheelchair friendliness. Below are a few reasons artificial turf is a better option for wheelchair users compared to natural grass. Read More