5 Ways to Keep Your Fire Wood Dry Without a Fancy Wood Shed

Dry firewood burns more effectively than damp or wet wood. However, if you don't have a dedicated wood shed, it can be challenging to keep your wood dry through the winter. To help, check out these tips. 1. Find a Waterproof Cover You don't necessarily need a fancy shed, a carport or similar structure to protect your firewood. Rather, you just need to cover it with something relatively waterproof. Try a piece of plastic sheeting or a tarp. Read More 

Answering Some Questions You Might Have About Monument Restoration

You may have a monument put on your property as an attractive landscaping feature, and cemetery markers are also typically considered monuments; while these pieces are meant to last for decades, if not generations, they may eventually need some restoration work. Note a few questions you might have about this work and then discuss the option with a professional restorer as needed, so your monument or cemetery marker is always in good repair. Read More 

Two Autumn Maintenace Tips To Keep Your Retaining Wall In Tip Top Shape

Now that summer is over, gardeners around the country can rejoice in being able to tackle autumn garden maintenance without the strong summer heat. As someone who hasn't been in their first home very long, you may not be aware of the impact that summer conditions play on the health of your retaining walls. Now is the perfect time to head outside for a closer inspection of your retaining walls, and there are two main factors you need to look at. Read More 

Top Tips For Perfect Community Roadway Landscaping

If you are tasked with landscaping a community roadway, there are a number of considerations that you should make in order to make sure that the end result is easy on the eye and practical for you to maintain. Here are a few top tips on designing a suitable roadway landscaping layout for a community development.  Maintenance considerations The first thing to consider is how much ongoing maintenance your community roadway landscaping project will take. Read More 

2 Factors That Will Affect Your Choice of Retaining Wall

True to their name, retaining walls are built with the intention of holding back huge chunks of compacted soil that would otherwise erode into your landscape. The various types of retaining walls (gravity, cantilevered, anchored) might be confusing for an average homeowner. It's important to understand the various factors that should shape your choice of retaining wall if you intend to get the most out of this 'solid' investment. Below is a discussion on two of these factors. Read More