Landscaping Projects and Ideas for the Frequent Business Traveller

How to Make Sure Your Land Surveyor Is a Good Fit

When looking to add a garage, home extensions, or a pool to your property, land surveying can prove to be quite useful. You must know the exact boundaries of the property so that you avoid any possible disputes with your neighbours--disputes that may arise from you building on their property. When hiring surveyors, lots of people seem to think that they can get away with hiring the cheapest ones. By doing so, you lose quality. Read More 

Questions to Ask a Commercial Landscaping Company

A commercial landscaping company does much more than just cut the grass at your facility; they can design an attractive landscaping feature that makes the property seem welcoming and attractive and also are usually in charge of clearing snow and other tasks that make the space safe. Before you hire a commercial landscaping company, you want to ensure they can do the job properly and that you know everything involved in working with them. Read More 

Why Does Commercial Synthetic Grass Over Rule the idea of having Natural Grass?

Synthetic grass is comprised of plastic fibers which creates that refreshing feeling of a natural grass. Commercial synthetic grass can be a great alternative for restaurants, hotels and multi-national companies that attract huge traffic of visitors day and night. Even if you prefer natural grass in your yard or around your commercial business, here are some reasons that make commercial synthetic grass more reliable than the natural grass. Less maintenance Read More 

Can Changing Your Dog’s Diet Reduce Urine Burns on Your Lawn?

If your dog uses your lawn to urinate, your grass may start to develop yellow or brown patches, known as urine burn. It doesn't matter how well you mow, fertilise and aerate your lawn, these patches may become unsightly, especially if your dog repeatedly uses the same areas of the lawn as its toilet. Changing your dog's diet, or adding supplements to it, may be one way to fix the problem, leaving you with a lusher, greener lawn. Read More 

Landscaping Principles

Did you know that the curb appeal of your home is just as important as the style and layout indoors? If you do not have an outdoor area that is properly landscaped, the overall value of your home could be decreased as a result. Landscaping is one of the first things that people notice when they take in the sight of your home and property. If you want to make the best impression, you need to know which landscaping principles should be followed. Read More